14" Linzy - Porcelain Doll Mold



Linzy, shown here in three different versions, uses Melody's all porcelain body. The blond was poured in Seeley's Georgia Peach slip and has painted eyes. Her little companion with black hair was made from a mixture of Aztec Tan and Brown Velvet porcelain slip with a wash of Sheer Cinnamon china paint. Shoes made especially for this series are available  from Monique. Tech sheets and photos included with mold purchase.

Wig: 8-9" Pale Blond, "Paula" by Mini World
7-8" Dark Brown, "Venessa" by Monique

Eyes: Painted or 12mm
Version 2 wears 13mm "Autumn" Eyeco eyes

Molds: Price:                                                     
Complete Set: $185.00
Head Only: $85.00

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