The sculpting tools and supplies designed by Philippe Faraut are the result of years of sculpting experience and understanding of the needs of artists working in water-based clay. His popular eye tool and planes tool as well as his simple sculpting armature and economical sculpting stand are all manufactured at his sculpture studio.
Sculptor Philippe Faraut has dedicated the past twenty years to developing sculpting techniques based on observations of his students’ struggles. His instructional books and DVDs provide solid sculpting tutorials and step-by-step solutions. These texts and videos include topics such as anatomy for the portrait and figure artist as well as the digital sculptor, aging, facial expression, canons of proportions and methods of sculpting in water-based clay.

The following plaster art reference casts are three-dimensional studies of the anatomy of the human figure and face, including the aging process of the face and facial expressions. These three-dimensional studies are extremely useful for art teachers, as well as illustrators, classical and digital sculptors. Plaster casts and masks for planes of the head and torso are especially important in understanding structure for any student of art or sculpting.