3-Day Portrait | Longview Museum of Fine Art - October 18-20, 2019 - Longview, TX

$595 Class Fee

Philippe Faraut has added a 3-day portrait sculpting seminar in Longview, TX. Registration for this class is completed directly through the Longview Museum of Fine Arts. Contact them and register at their website or call 903-753-8103.

This seminar includes lectures emphasizing bone structure and discussions on expression and ethnicity. Three days are spent working on sculpting exercises in water-based clay with step-by-step, one to one instruction which will assist students in understanding the intricacies of modeling the human face. Live models will be used.

Though participants are welcome to keep any projects worked on during the seminar, the goal is not to work toward the completion of a single finished piece but rather to provide students the opportunity to experiment on numerous studies.

Class runs from 9-4 daily Fri-Sun.

Please call 585.229.2976 for questions or email us at info@philippefaraut.com if you have additional questions.