• Posted on 25 Nov 21:54
  • By Charisse Faraut

What kind of clay does Mr. Faraut use and where can I purchase it?

Philippe prefers to use a low-fire (fires to cone 06), white earthenware (water-based) clay without grog. Clays are manufactured locally so one purchased in California will be different from one in New York. Ceramic supply shops are the best source for this type of clay. A few that Philippe has personally used and finds closest to the texture he prefers are:

  • Miller #10
  • Laguna EM100 (available in the Northeast. Check distributors at www.lagunaclay.com/distributors/)
  • Laguna EM700 (available in the Southeast)
  • Laguna EM210 (available in the West)
  • Standard 105NT
  • Smooth Sculpture (available from Clay Planet in California)

A search on the internet for any of these clay types should provide various distributors around the US.

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