7" Clay Modeling Eye Tool

This redesign of Philippe Faraut's popular eye sculpting tool is made of glass-infused plastic. It is much sharper, more consistent in size and dent resistant. It is his tool of choice for all ...

Finger Tools Set

Designed by Philippe Faraut, these tools are ideal to shape fingers, toes and hair texture, as well as small figures. The gouges have one straight tip for shaping fingers and toes and one curve...

10" Wooden Sculpting Tool

This clay modeling tool designed by Philippe Faraut is used specifically to define the planes in the initial stages of his sculptures. Each is hand-made at his New York studio from domestic har...

12" Sculpting Armature

Designed by Philippe Faraut this sculpting armature has a special wooden ring whose height is adjustable and supports the clay. Accommodates head sizes for clay modeling projects ranging from 3...

40-60” Sculpting Stand

Economical wooden sculpting stand. Adjusts from 40-60" (100 cm -152 cm) in height. Very sturdy. Assembles in minutes (6 screws). Ideal for classroom and travel. Best used with a clay modeling a...

Replacement Armature Ring

If the armature ring is left inside of a water-based clay sculpture for too long it can become weak and even break. To lengthen its life, it can be varnished before using. In the case that a re...
Pointing Machine
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Pointing Machine

This precisely designed framework of metal arms can be fitted around a sculpture to measure relationships between given points three-dimensionally. It allows these measurements to be transferre...