Book 2: Mastering Portraiture: Advanced Analyses of the Face Sculpted in Clay


In this follow-up book to his first volume Portrait Sculpting: Anatomy & Expressions in Clay, Philippe Faraut expands on modeling the human face in water-based clay featuring more than 100 new busts. Designed for the advanced artist, this text utilizes nearly 600 photographs including 64 full-page images to analyze the requirements for capturing a likeness. Emphasis is placed on an in-depth study of facial anatomy critical in developing compelling expressions for the clay modeling artist and bringing life to three-dimensional representations of the face. Additional studies are included to show successful treatments of hair and drapery, as well as the aging process.

Further Features include:

  • Studies of various sculpting styles.
  • Techniques for analyzing planes of individual features.
  • Discussions and comparisons of gender differences.
  • Methods for avoiding mistakes.
  • Examples of different finishing options.

Hardcover, Smythe sewn, 8 3/4” x 11 1/4”, 230 pages.

Also available in the UK @ Alec Tiranti

Also available in German:  Auch in deutsch erhältlich

Also available: New 18 Hour Online Portrait Sculpting Course includes skull and anatomy, expressions, aging, gender, ethnicity, hair styles, live models, mold making and much more. Subtitles in English, French and Spanish.

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