DVD #4 Geometry in the Clay Portrait with Male Planes Head Set


DVD #4

This video demonstrates a unique approach to modeling in clay by combining interdisciplinary concepts of geometry and sculpture. Philippe Faraut shows how building a geometric base aids in modeling both realistic and fantasy heads.

This DVD, originally designed for secondary educators, has proven to be invaluable for artists of all levels to acquire speed, precision and control of the medium of clay. The concept is that by offering an approach based on geometric shapes, the instructor is better able to control the progression of the sculpture, particularly the size. This philosophy of teaching how to master the mechanics does not prevent the creative process, but in actuality allows the student to rapidly achieve a solid base and self-confidence which promote creativity.

Run time: 83 minutes

Watch sample video clip from Techniques of Sculpture (Sculpting Geometric Clip).

Male Planes Head

9” (23 cm) tall

This three-quarter life-size male head in planes is used as the primary model in the above DVD production. It is the ideal head to use as a base for understanding and studying male facial proportions. The female head is also discussed in Techniques of Sculpture: Geometry in the Clay Portrait. Cast in durable plaster.

Also available: New 18 Hour Online Portrait Sculpting Course includes skull and anatomy, expressions, aging, gender, ethnicity, hair styles, live models, mold making and much more. Subtitles in English, French and Spanish.